4 reasons every office will be a coworking office in 5 years

03 Apr 2016, Lucy Racheva

Coworking offices will change the real estate market by upending the business model of traditional office spaces. Here are some reasons why:

Coworking spaces make high cost items and technology features affordable to small businesses.

Coworking offices give entrepreneurs and small business access to facilities that they never previously dreamt of, such as conference rooms and equipment, fiber optic Internet access and high end printers, luxury spaces and communication with diverse specialists.

So, small businesses will have almost the same chances of succeeding as big businesses.

The coworking space provides opportunity to collaborate with different companies and dynamic individuals.

The shared space gives personal and professional development opportunities, because the environment is full of new ideas and talents.

Unlike the traditional offices, members of the coworking community work for multiple organizations, so the relationships between members are more friendly and creatively.

The coworking space is more productive, flexible and efficient than traditional offices.

For many startups, having an office space that grows with the company is a real cost-saver.

Short leases are in. Traditional office leases will become shorter, and flexible space will be built out in advance more often in order to reduce customer lead times.

We live in an era where employees can use the Internet and cloud systems to be as present as workers who are physically in an office.

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