Companies and landlords are interested in co-working spaces

03 Apr 2016, Lucy Racheva   Read the original article

Co-working spaces, typically used by freelancers and startups, are beginning popular among large enterprises.

Companies, searching new talented employees in competitive markets, should innovate faster.

So, they can explore shared offices and find new ideas and people there.

Although interest from corporations is still limited, co-working spaces usually updated versions of executive suites in which tenants share workstations, kitchens and conference roomscan present opportunities, especially as companies venture into new markets.

Partially, demand is driven by the flexibility of the model and lower costs.

Landlords, seeking to reposition older office facilities, are interested in co-working spaces, as well.

So, the increasingly diverse demand from occupiers and landlords suggests the co-working sector to withstand any downturn, because of such factors as more economic certainty, access to the newest technologies, ability for people to work from anywhere and anytime, lower expenses for real estates.

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