Sofia is becoming more and more attractive to investors

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On the day of the banker - Nikulden - Sofia received an investment rating from the S & P Global Ratings international rating agency.

The agency raised BB+ to BBB-s the long-term credit rating with a stable outlook.

So the rating of the capital falls into the "investment ratings" group.

In practice, this means that Sofia Municipality is becoming an even more attractive place to direct investments.

A good benchmark for foreign investors is the good rating. It benefits the municipality itself and its citizens because it helps to attract cheaper financial resources for the capital's program.

The rise in credit ratings has boosted the work of the mayor's team and the municipal administration to maintain financial stability. This happens with the maintenance of a high level of own revenues of Sofia Municipality.

The reason for the increase in the credit rating of the capital is that in support of Sofia's inherent rating is the status of the city as an administrative, financial and commercial center of Bulgaria.

The country's rating is BBB- / stable outlook / A-3, which means that the economy of Sofia is stronger than the average for the country. For this reason Standard & Poor's give the Sofia Municipality the maximum possible rating for a Bulgarian municipality that is equal to the state one.

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