Why Swedish demand for Spanish property is rising

09 Jan 2017, Lucy Racheva   Read the original article

In summer 2016, demand from Swedish buyers for Spanish property was up 59.8% year-on-year in Quarter 2, according to data from leading Spanish second home specialist, Shario, and the Property Registrars Registradores.

Swedish sales rose 22.7% in Quarter 3 2016, while UK sales in Spain fell 16.3%. As a percentage of foreign sales, Swedish purchases made up 7.2%.

Swedish demand is important in Alicante and the Costa del Sol, where they are the second biggest group of foreign buyers behind the British.

Spanish sales from Swedish buyers in 2016 have reached 2,797 homes, already overtaking 2015s total of 2,755, with home purchases in the last two quarters each reaching around 1,000.

Swedish sales were concentrated on the peninsula, 54% on Costa Blanca and 29% on Costa del Sol in 2016. There is increasing demand for big cities like Barcelona, Alicante and Málaga.

Most buyers are looking for two-bed apartments (70%) or small townhouses (20%), within an hour from nearest airport and close to the beach and amenities.

Traditionally, most have found properties at exhibitions, but online searches are growing. With cheap and frequent flights to Spain the need to meet somebody (exhibitions, collaborators) on Swedish ground decreases.

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