Why the US is the worlds safest real estate investment market

25 Apr 2016, Lucy Racheva   Read the original article

The United States is the strongest and safest market for real estate investment, according to a survey conducted in the fourth quarter of 2015 by the James A. Graaskamp Center for Real Estate, Wisconsin School of Business. The survey found:

1. US is the country providing the most stable and secure real estate investments (according 66% of respondents). Germany came second with 19%

2. US provides the best opportunity for capital appreciation with 46%. Brazil is second with 17%.

3. The viability of the US real estate market was unchanged over last year say 85%.

4. The most preferable property types in US are multifamily and industrial, retail, office and hotels.

5. The tremendous inbound flow of foreign capital in US remains justified. Investments are in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Other findings in the survey included the rise of Paris in the top global cities list.

India and Peru join the list of top 5 emerging countries for investment. The top three, Brazil, China, and Mexico, retained their positions from 2015. Chile moved from fourth place to third.

Australia, in fifth place, joins the list of countries providing the most stable and secure real estate investments.

Here is a summary of the survey rankings:

Top 5 global cities

1. New York (#1 last year)

2. London (#2 last year)

3. Los Angeles (#10 last year)

4. Berlin (#7 last year)

5. San Francisco (#3 last year)

Top 5 US cities

1. New York (#1 last year)

2. Los Angeles (#4 last year)

3. San Francisco (#2 last year)

4. Washington, DC (#5 last year)

5. Seattle and Boston (#8 and #6 respectively last year)

Most stable and secure countries for real estate investment

1. US (#1 last year)

2. Germany (#2 last year)

3. UK (#3 last year)

4. Canada (#4 last year)

5. Australia (Unranked last year)

Countries providing the best opportunity for capital appreciation

1. US (#1 last year)

2. Brazil (#5 last year)

3. Spain (#2 last year)

4. Ireland (Unranked last year)

5. UK (#3 last year)

Top emerging countries

1. Brazil (#1 last year)

2. China (#2 last year)

3. Mexico and Chile (#3 and #4 respectively last year)

4. India and Peru (#6 and #8 respectively last year)

Ranking of US property types

1. Multifamily and Industrial (#1 and #2 respectively last year)

2. Retail (#4 last year)

3. Office (#3 last year)

4. Hotel (#5 last year)

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