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17 Sep 2019,

The quality of the projects on which Architect Ivo Dikov and his team work have earned broad recognition by clients, residents and professionals. So far, they have won several awards in the Building of the Year competition.

Last year Elite Building Company dominated on the Building of the Year awards, winning three statuettes. Which of your projects were distinguished and why?

Indeed, 2018 was a successful year for us. We finished the construction of several emblematic developments and this did not go unnoticed. Actually, I will take the liberty to correct you, as the total number of statuettes in the different categories that we won was six. Three of them were for the architectural projects of Elite Project Group, which is a part of our group.

The projects with which we attracted the jury's attention were the complex of three family houses in Boyana neighbourhood, the leader in the premium residential segment Sofia Luxury Residence and the audience favourite, International School and Preschool St George. I am happy that in none of the categories anyone disputed the jury's decision, both in regard of the architecture and the quality of the construction. We ended 2018 satisfied with what we had achieved and left behind, and we embarked on new challenges.

Elite Building Company builds thousands of projects in the fields of residential, public, industrial and hydrotechnical construction. Do you have a different approach to each of these categories? What is the most important thing for you when you start working on a project?

Each of the projects we work on is equally important and substantial for the company's portfolio and image. Regardless of whether we work on a project for a private investor, on a public project or on our own investment, we apply the same approach, attitude, high criteria for quality of the materials and the realisation, and last but not least, we see the task as a mission. Something that everyone in my team knows is that the social and public responsibility we take with the production that we leave behind us is much more important than any other dimension of our business.

That is why regardless of the challenges and the difficulties of all types and character that we experience on a daily basis, and in our branch these are many, our company's goal is to realise our projects with honour so that years and decades later we will be able to point what we built and will be able to be proud of it.

On what current projects is Elite Building Company working? What makes them different from the rest on the market?

Currently we are working on projects in the field of high-rise construction in Sofia, with a total built up area of over 100,000 square meters. We also work on a very important hydrotechnical infrastructure project a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Yambol. Most of the projects we are working on are residential or with mixed usage. Comfort Residence Simeonovsko Shose is a compound of three residential and one administrative buildings on second line along Simeonovsko Shose Boulevard. We also work on a residential building in the heart of Ovcha Kupel 2 neighbourhood meters from a metro station which is under construction and on Montevideo Apartments and Prime Building Montevideo residential buildings that dominate the length of the newly built Montevideo Boulevard. We are in advanced stage of construction of Rodopeya Administrative Building with refrigerating facility near Sofia Airport.

My team and I trusted and recognised the value of each of these projects, and by this I don't mean the volume of work but their quality, liquidity, image, and the challenge they pose.

I risk to appear ostentatious, but there are already dozens of projects in which we have refused to participate for a number of reasons. For me it is very important to establish our brand as a symbol of quality and value of the product in which we have invested our attention and efforts. A brand which inspires trust in each of the sides, regardless of the field of construction we work.

This August is an important month for you, as you will start the construction of a new large-scale project. Tell us more about it.

Yes, we are in the preparatory phase for opening of the construction site for a really large-scale and emblematic project for Sofia Paradise Place Residential Compound. With its trademark location meters away from Paradise Mall and Vitosha Metro Station, impressive total built up area of about 40,000 square meters with functional one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, a gym and spa centre with swimming pool, a restaurant and green areas with rich greenery and timeless neoclassical architecture by Pro Arch, the compound will definitely satisfy even the most demanding clients and will dominate the market on Sofia's most prospective and trendy neighbourhood.

You are an architect by profession. What was the most important thing you learned that helps you for the successful management of a construction business?

In architecture I have always been interested in the two extremes masterplanning and the details in the project's work phase. I realise that architecture provided me the basis of successful management in construction business. On the one hand, there is the scope and the global view over every part of the process, and on the other is the precision and the tiny details, which is actually the instrument for achieving a successful and sustainable model.

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