Manastirski Livadi is the fastest growing quarter in Sofia

27 Nov 2017, STONEHARD

The housing market in Sofia continues to grow in 2017, as the main engine remains the new construction.

The fastest-growing quarter in Sofia is Manastirski livadi - East. It is set close to the Vitosha Mountain and the main road - the Southern Arc circular of Sofia. The transport communications of the quarter with the city center are fast thanks to the main artery of Sofia - Bulgaria Blvd.

By the end of 2019, nine new developments will be put into operation, a permit for construction site is expected yet for nine more.

On the territory of Manastirski Livadi are located Hospital St. Sofia, Hotel Festa Sofia, Bulgaria Mall, schools, kindergartens, boutique shops, bank branches. So that, needs of its residents are met in any sphere.

Despite the fact that the center of the capital still remains most attractive for investments, the crowded streets with traffic, the lack of parking spaces and the great tension are increasingly directing the citizens to the southern districts of the city.

Over the next few years, the real estate market is expected to go over 816,000 square meters of living area. This is a statistic of residential complexes and buildings that have been authorized for construction over the past two years.

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