New quarters in Cologn, Germany

07 Nov 2017, STONEHARD

It is known that the Germans take responsibility and have a sense of any technical sphere of life. Probably being a master in something inspires them, and this is particularly evident in the constructions. They accurately estimate their goal and act.

This is the case for the new neighborhood "Clouth Quarter". It is located in the Nipes region and by 2005 there was a rubber factory for more than 140 years. After its closure, the city bought the 14,5 ha plot that stretches from Johannes-Giesberts Park to Niler.

It has been quickly turned into a building site, creating residential buildings with more than 1000 apartments. The German architect has retained all old art workshops in the area, as well as old factory sites. Most of the new buildings have been completed and finishing cleaning work is carried on. It is believed that about 3,000 people will be accommodated in the new neighborhood, and this is now one of Cologne's largest construction projects. In addition, the area is far from isolated from the rest of Cologne. It is in a dense network of streets, and there are three tram lines to it.

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