Sofia invests half a billion for metro construction and streets maintenance

18 Dec 2017, STONEHARD

Sofia municipality will invest nearly half a billion in 2018 in metro construction and street and boulevard repairs. The total budget of the municipality next year will be BGN 1,433 billion.

The city's draft budget was presented by the mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova. The funds for the capital compared to last year is more with BGN 104.8 million. There are about BGN 654 million of own revenues, which is BGN 30.4 million more than 2017.

The largest amount of funds have been envisaged in the city's investment program - BGN 492.9 million.

Over BGN 327 million will be invested in the construction of the first 12 stations of the third line of the subway. For repairs of boulevards, streets and bridge facilities in the city center have planned BGN 103.6 million. BGN 37.7 million are foreseen for the maintainance of streets in all city quarters. BGN 6 million will be invested in street lighting.

The most important renovation planned in the budget is the reconstruction of Graf Ignatiev Street one of the main streets in the city center.

BGN 6.3 million will be provided for a completely new tramway under Graf Ignatiev, which will be implemented by new technology. Total 37.5 million BGN will be invested in the reconstruction of a tramway.

There will be 142 new gas buses and 20 electric buses.

For educational infrastructure 32.2 million leva have been allocated. The construction of the first kindergartens in the quarters of "Manastirski livadi", "Krastova vada" and "Novi Iskar" will begin next year. Construction of new buildings and gymnasiums to existing kindergartens will begin in the Pavlovo, Knyazhevo and the Vitosha, Poduyane, Krasno Selo and Isar quarters.

Parks and gardens will be renovated with BGN 11.7 mln. A complete reconstruction of West Park is planned for BGN 8.5 mln. Sofia Zoo will have BGN 1.5 million.

BGN 357 million will be invested in education and BGN 44 million in healthcare.

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